Quality Investigative Solutions, LLC

Welcome! We are a Michigan based Private Investigation Company located in Lenawee county. However, we are happy to extend our services throughout Michigan. Depending on the type of services you require, logistics may not be an issue. Some of the types of services we provide include: background checks, comprehensive reports, missing person cases, infidelity cases, child custody cases, criminal and civil cases and surveillance. If you have a case that involves something other than any of these, feel free to give us a call regarding your case. We can assure you that each investigation will be handled professionally, diligently, legally and as expediently as possible.

Our pricing is extremely fair and the initial consultation is free. We can perform a complete profile through several resources and within the budget for each case. Even modest funding can often allow us to find criminal histories, spousal information, property ownership, civil law suits and more.

We strive to protect our clients’ privacy. The personal information you provide to us will remain confidential and will not be used for anything other than to conduct the investigation.

Contacting Us
Once you contact us and convey your specific needs we will then be able to give you a cost estimate on your case. You may contact us either by phone or email, either way, your information is always kept confidential. Call us today at: 517-902-7105

P.O. Box 624
Clinton, MI 49236-0624

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